Monday, June 25, 2007

Double Murder-Suicide

According to a report on WAGA-TV, investigators believe Chris Benoit killed his wife and son at some point over the weekend, and then killed himself earlier today.

They reported first hearing from a concerned neighbor and that the three bodies were found in separate rooms.

Detective Bo Turner told the station the case was being investigated as a murder-suicide, but it could not be confirmed until the evidence was examined by a crime lab.

When WWE chose to run an elaborate three hour memorial program immortalizing Chris Benoit as a great family man, who demanded respect, They chose to depict one side of the story.

But what really happened?

I don't see how a man who allegedly murders his wife and son and then commits suicide, get a three hour memorial. Not to mention cancel a live event. The show must go on. The case is still open, but if the events did happen the way they did, Chris Benoit deservs no respect!


Anonymous said...

You're completely ignorant.

Chris Benoit has entertained millions of people for 20 + years.
The least thing he deserves is a 3 hour memorial.

Grow up, and show some respect.

Anonymous said...

Adolf Hitler was loved by millions of Germans - and he entertained a lot of them, too. He killed a few people. Let's have a tribute for him.

Then, let's have a tribute for Charles Manson. His family said he was a great family guy.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget OJ! - Diesel

Anonymous said...

Hey all you that think Benoit killed his family, you think wrong. If you would listion he went home because his wife and son was spitting up blood. Then they found all three dead.

Anonymous said...

JUST STOP... No one knows what has happened. Have respect for someone who has passed away. Wether it is true or not does not mean they need to be treated like this. It is a sad tradgey. Don't star making assumptions. When the truth comes it will come. RIP CHRIS BENOIT AND FAMILY YOU WILL BE MISSED

Anonymous said...

Hey you shut up, and give some respect to this man, he left because he got a call and needed to leave because of him family, I doubt that this was his doing.

-RIP Chris Benoit

-RIP Nancy Benoit

-RIP Daniel Benoit* never had a chance at life, so let us hope the after-life treats him well.

I send good wishes to Chris' other two out of wedlock children, and that his past wife can handle them, and keep them out of foster care.


Anonymous said...

innocent til proven guilty.....i was a fan of benoit when i was a wrestling nerd.......

Anonymous said...

My God, leave them in peace, no one knows what has happened yet or what led to this. I feel for the family left behind and the trauma they are now going through.
Sincere condolances to the family. Know our prayers are with you in your time of heartache and despair.
Chris Benoit lived in the limelight, and now his final days are to be public domain. At least show some respect for his family and give them a fair go. Grant, your last comment about his other children was in bad taste, shame on you.
God bless the family and make them strong. Roc

Anonymous said...

i think we should all feel sad for the wife and son but not for Chris
Benoit!i know for sure that he did kill his family and then himself .
it seems that men are just insane!
all you hear in the news is about angry,disturbed,crazy men always killing need to be locked up!!!

Anonymous said...

To Roc:

Roc, you can't say it was in bade taste. All things are better off laid bare, and this is the truth of it. I don't know if she has another husband/boyfriend that can help, or if she can handle them on her own. I just hoped the best would happen for the other two, and I shall not hold my tung for something that an idiotic society has found to be an insult.

Anonymous said...

Even though the truth is that he did kill his son and wife. He still should be respected. And in response to the person who said crazy distrubed men...there are also women who are just as bad. So don't sterotype. Even though what he did was wrong. Still let him RIP along with this family

Peregrine said...

Thanks for writing this.